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QV Systems is your technology partner for SOAPware sales and support, as well as hardware and software support for your practice.

QV Systems specializes in supporting SOAPware for Clinics and Physician Private Practices. QV Systems supports a host of healthcare organizations large and small.

QV Systems, Ltd, has partnered with a variety of companies, to provide the perfect mix of infrastructure for your practice.



Platinum Certified SOAPware Partner

As a Platinum Certified SOAPware Partner, QV Systems, Ltd. is your one stop shop for SOAPware Sales, Support and Training. SOAPware was founded by a physician, nearly two decades ago. SOAPware, Inc. has adhered to a simple philosophy of providing the best possible value to healthcare providers who want to advance into electronic record keeping. Since SOAPware's ONC-ATCB Certified software is designed by medical providers and modeled on the paper charts already in use, the learning curve is minimized and users can become more productive more quickly than possible using the industry-standard approach of most systems. SOAPware has been used at over 10000 sites in all 50 states and 30 other countries, and has more than 30,000 individual users. Such a large user base reduces cost to users and ensures a permanent implementation, and is the best guarantee against orphaned or obsolete software

QV Systems  - RemoteSS
RemoteSS is your link between your patients, and their charts.  RemoteSS is tool and service that gets your data from the encounter into the EMR chart without you, the Physician needing to become a data entry expert. We do the work for you, and you can focus on practicing medicine!

The government mandate for EHR adoption has changed the way medicine is practiced. What could be dictated or handwritten before, now must be entered electronically using discrete data. Unfortunately, traditional transcription and speech recognition technology do not address these requirements. In a 2012 patient survey, 84% of patients stated their patient experience would be worse if their doctor spent most of his/her time typing on a computer, instead of making eye contact with them.  Clinicians did not endure years of medical school to become data entry trolls. Drop the keyboard and get your life back! RemoteSS is a QV Systems, Ltd. developed platform designed to bring your focus back to the patient, and not the technology. If you are accustomed to traditional transcription, RemoteSS Dictate can take the dictation and remotely populate your EHR using Meaningful Use compliant structured data, allowing you to satisfy those requirements while not reducing productivity or greatly altering your workflow. Those looking for a more progressive solution can use our RemoteSS Live, which enables a remote scribe to communicate and document the patient encounter in real time, completing the documentation before the clinician leaves the room! This real time documentation alleviates the need for clinical data entry by staff members, freeing the clinician of often having their back to the patient during encounters, enabling them to see more patients, more effectively, and spend more time with their families.


QS Billing  More ->

Whether to outsource the billing operations to an independent medical billing company or opt for an in-house billing department is often a dilemma faced by most physicians. Medical Billing Service. Physicians today are inundated with various challenges posed by modern day regulations in the healthcare industry. Thus given the time constraints, managing the day to day practice operations becomes increasingly cumbersome, especially without an efficient billing solution. Recent surveys also indicate that hiring additional resources for billing can result in an increase in practice expenditure and overheads, especially for smaller practices. QS Billing enables providers to benefit from experienced and knowledgeable resources at an affordable cost – a percentage of the collections. However, experiencing reduced costs is not the only benefit of QS Billing. There are often cases where claims have been rejected because of errors in coding along with unnecessary delays. Having a QS Billing Specialist dedicated to streamlining the revenue cycle can reduce such errors and ensure quicker turnarounds, ultimately improving practice cash flow and profitability. According to a study conducted by Software Advice, an outsourced billing service is likely to increase collections by up to 10%. With QS Billing, the chances of fraudulent occurrences in-house are eliminated. As we charge a percentage of the actual collections for each provider, QS Billing ensures timely and efficient collections. Managing these operations for multiple clients, we can easily spot discrepancies in financial workflows and provide detailed performance reports on a regular basis, comprehensive financial analysis on a periodic basis and recommend strategies to enhance profitability.

QNS Collections

A/R is often overlooked in a medical practice. With all of the administrative tasks and compliance issues, sending patient notices and statements can often be a low priority. Don’t leave dollars on the table, our goal is to minimize your write-offs, and help document outstanding patient accounts and overdue charges. We will work these balances, through soft or hard collections, to ensure your practice stays profitable.

Dell Sales Partner

QV Systems, Ltd has been a reseller for DELL for many years, selling servers and workstations, and all the latest Technology that DELL supplies.  As a Reseller we get great deals on Hardware, and pass savings on to our customers. We also insure that you get any support you need as quickly and easily as possible.


DOCS CPR - Collaborative Physician Resources
Through the use of an onsite, or remote MCC, practices throughout the country have found a better way to manage the technology and overall wellbeing of their practices. The status quo has changed, no longer should you expect, or tolerate, a drop in productivity while implementing, or operating with an Electronic Health Record. .Working with any EHR system, the Medical Care Coordinator immediately increases productivity, revenue, and patient satisfaction, all while improving the detail of your documentation. Whether you are currently invested in an Electronic Health Record, or going through the selection process, Medical Care Coordination can break the chains of cumbersome free text and templated data entry, allowing you to focus on the patient and not the technology.

Valadoc a Fayetteville, AR Based company specializes in MC training programs. (Part of SOAPware MC training package) Valadoc is dedicated to training primarily Medical Transcriptionists to become talented Medical Coordinators, expert at performing EHR documentation and at handling other encounter-related workflow tasks. Valadoc’s core staff members have extensive experience in all relevant aspects of healthcare delivery, technology, consulting, and clinical documentation. They have refined both the training and the procedures for this new breed of medical professionals, who will finally bring cost effectiveness and clinician acceptance to EHRs.





Certified SOAPware Platinum Partner

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