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QV Systems is your technology partner for SOAPware sales and support, as well as hardware and software support for your practice.

QV Systems specializes in supporting SOAPware for Clinics and Physician Private Practices. QV Systems supports a host of healthcare organizations large and small.





RemoteSS is your link between your patients, and their charts.  RemoteSS is tool and service that gets your data from the encounter into the EMR chart without you, the Physician needing to become a data entry expert. We do the work for you, and you can focus on practicing medicine!


RemoteSS Dictate is an option where the Physician can dictate during the encounter, after the encounter or any time, and have his EMR patients charts populated by our RemoteSS Scribes. The Physician does NOT have become a data entry expert, and dictation is easy and simple, from the PC or a hand held recorder. 

RemoteSS Live is an option for live EMR data input during a live encounter..  Using RemoteSS Live allows the medical practitioner to view the EMR chart live, review vitals, past medical history etc. while the Live RemoteSS Scribe controls the EMR for the physician. During the encounter the Physician is in communication with the scribe via an un obtrusive microphone and ear piece. The trained scribe populates the chart live based on the flow of the encounter.


The government mandate for EHR adoption has changed the way medicine is practiced. What could be dictated or handwritten before, now must be entered electronically using discrete data. Unfortunately, traditional transcription and speech recognition technology do not address these requirements. In a 2012 patient survey, 84% of patients stated their patient experience would be worse if their doctor spent most of his/her time typing on a computer, instead of making eye contact with them.  Clinicians did not endure years of medical school to become data entry trolls. Drop the keyboard and get your life back! RemoteSS is a QV Systems, Ltd. developed platform designed to bring your focus back to the patient, and not the technology. If you are accustomed to traditional transcription, RemoteSS Dictate can take the dictation and remotely populate your EHR using Meaningful Use compliant structured data, allowing you to satisfy those requirements while not reducing productivity or greatly altering your workflow. Those looking for a more progressive solution can use our RemoteSS Live, which enables a remote scribe to communicate and document the patient encounter in real time, completing the documentation before the clinician leaves the room! This real time documentation alleviates the need for clinical data entry by staff members, freeing the clinician of often having their back to the patient during encounters, enabling them to see more patients, more effectively, and spend more time with their families.


QV Systems also offers you instant tech support and training assistance via the "HHAY" (Hey How Are You) button in RemoteSS







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